Monday, December 11, 2006

Coke Kiddie Christmas Party 2006

Yesterday was my second time to attend the Coca Cola Kiddie Christmas party. But it was my first time to watch a movie in Imax theater. Yes, our christmas party was held in Imax at the SM Mall of Asia. I am so happy because we watched Happy Feet there. Sayang lang, Daddyjun had to go to the office because he was on duty that day. Ninang went with us instead. But before watching the movie, a lot of things happened first. There was a Mad Science program and I learned how to make slime. I also painted some Christmas decors with my mommy. We also decorated cookies. They are pretty and yummy. There were many food booths but I only ate crepes because I don't eat nachos, pizzas, burgers, and pita breads. But I got popcorn and cotton candy. Then, there was an Animaland booth and I got a new stuffed toy. It's a blue cat and I named him Nicholas because Santa is Saint Nicholas. I also got a huge Coke bottle coin bank with lots of candies and toys inside. Oh, before I forget, I got a cool spy kit from Santa Claus. But this year he was not around, just his elves. I wrote my daddy's name on a piece of paper then slipped the paper inside the machine. Then out of the machine came my gift! High tech!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Don Bosco Football Clinic

From October 7 to November 26, Kuya CJ and I were enrolled in my school's football training program. I asked Mommy and Daddy to enroll me in the program so I can be good in football. Kuya CJ also asked his mommy to enroll him because he also played football in UK. Yesterday was our games and awarding of medals and certificates. Kuya CJ and I are both in Team Italy. We are only second place but it's ok because I know we are good and Mama said we are good. Here is a video that Mommy made of our final games. Enjoy watching.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick or Treating at my Daddy's Office

I was able to trick or treat at my Daddy's office yesterday. I used my robot costume from Trumpets. I got a lot of treats. And there was also a magic show after the trick or treat.

Here are the pictures:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

RIFA Cup Festival 2006

I forgot to write about my life as a football player for the Don Bosco Midgets team. My daddy played football when he was still in high school. Mommy and Daddy allowed me to join the tryouts and I qualified. I am the team's goalkeeper. My number is 1. Our team joined the RIFA Cup Festivals and we played football versus other schools. The final games were held last October 21 at Ateneo de Manila. We are 4th place overall. It's ok because during the last game at Xavier School we had a game that is 0-0. That means I saved all the opponent's goals. That is my work as a goal keeper. I am so glad because I have a medal from the festival. Then after the games we went to Market Market to celebrate. Daddy paid ten pesos for each ball I saved. And that is 130 pesos because I saved 13 goals in three games for that day. But Mommy loaded 200 in my Time Zone card because she gave me an extra prize. That's why Kuya CJ and I played at Time Zone and I exchanged my tickets for a badminton set.

You can see my football training pictures and pictures from the first game at CSA at the slideshow on the top right part of this page. But here are the pictures from the RIFA Cup in Xavier School, and Ateneo:

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wall Climbing at Toby's Sports

We went to Toby's Sports shop in Glorietta yesterday to buy some football accessories for Kuya CJ. He is now training at the football clinic in Don Bosco. We found a wall climbing area inside the store. Cool! That is why Daddy and I climbed. I was not yet tired from the game at Xavier. Look at our pictures:

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My two front teeth were taken out by........THE DENTIST!!!!!!

My two front teeth were taken out by the dentist this afternoon. My two upper front teeth were already wiggly and there are already two permanent teeth growing behind them. At last my trip to the dentist pushed through. Because Mommy told me that we are going to the dentist way back in March.

My ninang went with us to the clinic because my daddy was on duty. She was the one who stayed beside me inside the dentist's cubicle. Because my mommy was scared. But my mommy took this picture.

Gel anesthesia was applied on my gums. But I accidentally touched it with my tongue! Oh my that's why my tongue had no feeling for a few minutes. I cried a little also.

Look at my picture and answer this question. Which is better, with teeth or none?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Whatcha looking at?


I will write in English today so when I click my Babel Fish it can translate this text. You can see it at the right side of my page.

This picture was taken at Dave's Funhouse at Waltermart. I played there for one hour because that's my prize from Daddy. My Master Tests are all perfect. I miss Dave's funhouse. It's very expensive and my money was only forty pesos so my Daddy paid.

I am a doctor here. But I wore the big glasses. My Mommy thinks I look more like doctor quack quack. Hehehehe...............

I want to be a priest when I grow up but I want to be a doctor and a scientist and a football player too.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dito po sa amin sa Prep-Versiglia

I am now studying at Don Bosco Makati. (I was also baptized at their church.) I am in Prep-Versiglia. Because I am just six years old, I was not allowed to be in Grade I this school year. Our teacher is Mrs. Agbayani (Her son, Coach Myk, is my coach at soccer). We Are 3 teacher's pets:Jonathan,Noel,and me. But Mrs. Agbayani is only a substitute teacher. I hope I am teacher's pet again for our real teacher, Mrs.Cuchapin. She will get back soon because she already gave birth. Our section's Teacher's enemy #1 is Lucello, Teacher's enemy #2 is Kyle,and Teacher's enemy(and mine too)#3 is my soccer teammate,Mark. I hope next year there willbe only 2 teacher's enemies. Hehehe......

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Best Toys

Promise ni Mommy na isasali niya ako sa Trumpets Playshop this year. Buti na lang at sa Makati na kami nakatira kaya malapit lang ang Shangri-la. Lagi kami sumasakay ng MRT papunta sa Shangri-la. Pag galing ka ng Magallanes station, bababa ka sa Shaw tapos nandun na ang entrance ng mall. 12 pesos ang pamasahe.

Ang class ko CTF ibig sabihin Children's Theater section F. Ang mga pictures na ito ay noong play namin. Ang title ng play namin ay The Best Toys. Mga toys kaming lahat dito except si Sean at Kitkat kasi sila ang boy and girl.

Robot ako dito. Marami kaming robots pero nung play namin ako ang nilagyan ng lapel mic. (Mi, tama po ba ang spelling?) Sabi ni Mommy malakas nga ang boses ko. Ang kwento nag-away kaming mga toys kung sino ang pinakamagaling magpasaya ng boy and girl. Pero lahat pala magaling.

May songs din kami. Lahat ng toys. Ang sa robots "We're the shiny robots and we think we're the best. We're big and strong and fearless and we're better than the rest." Tapos ang galaw namin parang robots. Tapos si Tito George ang book. Siya ang nagsabi na everybody is special. Tapos sasabihin namin sa lahat na "You're special!". Ganun. Binigay ang certificates namin pagkatapos ng play tapos kumain kami sa Bacolod Chicken Inasal sa Jupiter.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am six years old

Hindi kami masyado naghanda ngayong birthday ko. Kasi ang wish ko for my birthday is a new TV. Kasi nasira ang luma naming JVC pati ang Philips ni Mama (pero lola ko talaga). Bumili si Daddy ng LG 29 inch flat screen. Pag laki ko raw sa kwarto ko ilalagay yan.

Nagluto lang si Mommy ng mga favorite ko uli, fried chicken at fish. Pero nag luto din si Mommy ng Pancit Malabon, Menudo, at Lumpia. Tapos bumili kami ng Chocolate Mousse para may cake ako. Niloko ko si Mommy kasi takot siya sa mouse pero pag chocolate mousse pala iba yon. Akala ko gawa sa mouse e. Tapos nagsabit kami ng banner na Justice League. Tapos nag-blow kami ng balloons. Si Mommy nag twist ng mga balloons para sa lahat ng mga bata.

May visitors ako pero hindi masyado marami. Dumating sila Lolo, Ninang, Ninong, Tito Toto, Tito Lucky, Tito Lloyd, Tita Christy, Clyde, Tita Net, Tita Chi, Kuya John Paul, Justine, Ninang Attorney Mae, Tita Cher, Tita Claire and Klarenz.

Masaya ako today pero konting malungkot kasi malapit na akong mabungi kasi six years old na ako.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Graduate na ako ng Kinder!

Graduation day ko ngayon sa Laguna Bel Air School. Kuha ito ni Mommy bago kami mag-parade papunta sa stage. Nasa likod ko si Michelle, ang aking crush. Last day ko na siyang magiging crush ngayon. Lilipat na ako ng school. Sa Don Bosco Makati walang girls, bawal ang crush. Kasi ambition ko mag-priest. Last day ko na sa Laguna bukas kasi lilipat na kami ng Makati. I zoom niyo na lang ang picture para makita niyo si Michelle.

Monday, February 27, 2006

"Joseph The Dreamer, A Musical"

First time ko mag-join sa isang stage play. Buti na lang teacher si Mommy sa Seven Pillars kaya ako naka-sali sa stage play nila. Nung February 25 ito sa De La Salle Canlubang.

Egyptian guard ako.

Kasama ko ang mga K2 students nila Mommy. Sila mga Egyptian workers. Tapos kumakanta kami ng "Who's the thief?" Kasi nahuli si Benjamin na nasa kanya ang golden cup ni Joseph. Magaling ako maging Egyptian guard kasi matapang ang mukha ko at ang body ko straight talaga.

Tapos kakanta si Joseph saka kami ng "Benjamin, you nasty goon, your crime has shocked me to the core. Never in my whole career have I encountered this before". Tapos sasabihin niya "guards seize him, lock him in a cell, throw the keys into the Nile as well."

Tapos kami ng mga K2 and Grade 1 kakanta ng "Each of the brothers fell to his knees, show him some mercy O mighty one please. He could not do this he must have been framed. Jail us and beat us we should be blamed." Tapos magbabati na sila. Kakantahin namin "Joseph, Joseph is it really you." Ganun yun.

Tapos ituturo namin si Jacob kasi yayakapin na niya si Joseph kasi reconciliation na. Tapos sasayaw na kami kasi masaya na lahat.

Madali lang pala maging actor eh. Promise ng mommy ko sasali ako sa theatre workshops this summer. Hay sana nga matuloy.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kalbo... Kalbo... Kalbo na namang Muli!

Kasalanan to ng Ate Megan kong pasaway at hindi mahilig maligo! HInawaan ba naman ako ng kuto! Pashneya!