Saturday, October 25, 2014

like a classical music composer, i'm bach

hello readers.

it's been a long time (3 years, i think) since i've written anything at all, so let me give you an update.

obviously, i'm no longer 10 (don't let the bio fool you). i am currently an 8th grader at the main campus of philippine science high school. i've meddled in some stuff like writing for school newspapers and being in a band.

i guess that's all. really, not much has changed. i'll try to give this blog a rehaul and write new stuff but that most probably won't happen.

(btw the prize was a ps3, and yes, i got it)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's the start of the summer vacation for me and other Lourdesians. Although it's only two days after our last class, I'm really looking forward to the day that my adviser calls. I CAN'T WAIT! I hope I've done enough for this year to grab the gold, but if I don't, it's ok (but I prefer that I do, hehe).

If I am the gold medalist for this year, my parents told me they have a reward, but I won't tell you yet. I'll just post about it if I'm the gold medalist.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bajasper Comics

In our section, a group of students made a family of comic book characters with their own comics. I have recently joined them and made for them a blog so they can upload their comics there.

Here is the site

They also have made another website before the above using WebEden:

Both have no comics yet as of Dec. 9

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Laptop Was Infected!

My laptop was infected!

It happened when I loaded PSP games from a known game loading station. I loaded 2 games. After some days, I tried to load some games from my own netbook. When I plugged it into the USB port, my anti-virus program detected trojans in ALL of my PSP's folders. My netbook didn't shut down so I just pressed the off button. The next day when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't! We brought the laptop to the NEO laptop center for check-up. It was reformatted. We just got it back today because it was brought
to the main branch.

So if you load games from your own computer, NEVER load from game stations.

Friday, September 03, 2010

The Internet: An Important Modern Technology

We had another long weekend. Last Friday we had no class in school and last Monday was a holiday. Still, I was not able to use the computer much because I had soooo much work to do! I had 8 homeworks and projects to submit tomorrow. And this is one of them. I am sharing this now because I am really thankful for the Internet. I researched pictures and train templates for two of my projects. I hope none of my classmates and fellow grade four students copy this!!!! That would be cheating!!!!

The Internet: An Important Modern Technology

For me, the Internet is one of the most important modern technologies. It is one that allows us to talk with our friends and loved ones abroad. We can also play games to pass the time. To find out about important facts and relevant news, we can also use the internet. For music lovers the internet provides music websites for listening and video viewing. Lastly, we can watch our favorite TV programs that we missed watching on television. This is why I consider the internet as one of the most important technologies of our time.


This is a scheduled post but I wrote it August 28 so my paper will already be with my teacher when this is published and anyone who copies this will be busted! Hahahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Believe

Me and my CPMP classmates just had our recital yesterday. It was like a major concert! There were so many people. unlike our practicum, most of my classmates were not nervous anymore, but excited(though some were still nervous).

This was our first number. The song is Shine. We were grouped into pairs but some groups had three people.

This one is my medium, or group song. My groupmates were Alessandra, Migui, Ate Kristelle and Kuya Ken.

This is my solo number, I Believe. I almost fell down the stairs when I was going to the audience!

So there you have it, I wish you enjoyed the videos!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Repairing. Do Not Turn Off : A Wii April Fool's Day Joke

Just this morning, I was about to play my Guitar Hero on my Wii. When I turned the Wii on, a black screen appeared with the words Now Repairing. Do Not Turn Off. I did not power off my Wii for 30 minutes because I was afraid that the system might crash. I opened my laptop and I searched on Google. Thankfully, I found out on one website that this was an April Fool's Day joke on Wii. You just push the A button, and the preloader screen will appear. Press System Menu,
and then after that you will be led to the normal screen.