Thursday, April 01, 2010

Repairing. Do Not Turn Off : A Wii April Fool's Day Joke

Just this morning, I was about to play my Guitar Hero on my Wii. When I turned the Wii on, a black screen appeared with the words Now Repairing. Do Not Turn Off. I did not power off my Wii for 30 minutes because I was afraid that the system might crash. I opened my laptop and I searched on Google. Thankfully, I found out on one website that this was an April Fool's Day joke on Wii. You just push the A button, and the preloader screen will appear. Press System Menu,
and then after that you will be led to the normal screen.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    hahahah! same thing happened to me! i left my av cables at my office and since we were going home to the province i took my wii with me and i found out later that i left the cables... so i rushed at the nearest cd-r king here in gapanbecause i know they got some wii av cables for sale and i went home and this black thingy happened, unfortunately i dont have any internet connection at home so what i did is i went back to the cd-r king again and i had my purchased replaced... when my wife and i went to my in-laws house (they have dsl) i immediatley searched for the problem and i found out that it was an APRIL FOOLS DAY joke.... lesson learned: dont for get the friggin cables ^_^

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