Monday, December 11, 2006

Coke Kiddie Christmas Party 2006

Yesterday was my second time to attend the Coca Cola Kiddie Christmas party. But it was my first time to watch a movie in Imax theater. Yes, our christmas party was held in Imax at the SM Mall of Asia. I am so happy because we watched Happy Feet there. Sayang lang, Daddyjun had to go to the office because he was on duty that day. Ninang went with us instead. But before watching the movie, a lot of things happened first. There was a Mad Science program and I learned how to make slime. I also painted some Christmas decors with my mommy. We also decorated cookies. They are pretty and yummy. There were many food booths but I only ate crepes because I don't eat nachos, pizzas, burgers, and pita breads. But I got popcorn and cotton candy. Then, there was an Animaland booth and I got a new stuffed toy. It's a blue cat and I named him Nicholas because Santa is Saint Nicholas. I also got a huge Coke bottle coin bank with lots of candies and toys inside. Oh, before I forget, I got a cool spy kit from Santa Claus. But this year he was not around, just his elves. I wrote my daddy's name on a piece of paper then slipped the paper inside the machine. Then out of the machine came my gift! High tech!