Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick or Treating at my Daddy's Office

I was able to trick or treat at my Daddy's office yesterday. I used my robot costume from Trumpets. I got a lot of treats. And there was also a magic show after the trick or treat.

Here are the pictures:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

RIFA Cup Festival 2006

I forgot to write about my life as a football player for the Don Bosco Midgets team. My daddy played football when he was still in high school. Mommy and Daddy allowed me to join the tryouts and I qualified. I am the team's goalkeeper. My number is 1. Our team joined the RIFA Cup Festivals and we played football versus other schools. The final games were held last October 21 at Ateneo de Manila. We are 4th place overall. It's ok because during the last game at Xavier School we had a game that is 0-0. That means I saved all the opponent's goals. That is my work as a goal keeper. I am so glad because I have a medal from the festival. Then after the games we went to Market Market to celebrate. Daddy paid ten pesos for each ball I saved. And that is 130 pesos because I saved 13 goals in three games for that day. But Mommy loaded 200 in my Time Zone card because she gave me an extra prize. That's why Kuya CJ and I played at Time Zone and I exchanged my tickets for a badminton set.

You can see my football training pictures and pictures from the first game at CSA at the slideshow on the top right part of this page. But here are the pictures from the RIFA Cup in Xavier School, and Ateneo:

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wall Climbing at Toby's Sports

We went to Toby's Sports shop in Glorietta yesterday to buy some football accessories for Kuya CJ. He is now training at the football clinic in Don Bosco. We found a wall climbing area inside the store. Cool! That is why Daddy and I climbed. I was not yet tired from the game at Xavier. Look at our pictures:

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My two front teeth were taken out by........THE DENTIST!!!!!!

My two front teeth were taken out by the dentist this afternoon. My two upper front teeth were already wiggly and there are already two permanent teeth growing behind them. At last my trip to the dentist pushed through. Because Mommy told me that we are going to the dentist way back in March.

My ninang went with us to the clinic because my daddy was on duty. She was the one who stayed beside me inside the dentist's cubicle. Because my mommy was scared. But my mommy took this picture.

Gel anesthesia was applied on my gums. But I accidentally touched it with my tongue! Oh my that's why my tongue had no feeling for a few minutes. I cried a little also.

Look at my picture and answer this question. Which is better, with teeth or none?