Sunday, October 01, 2006

My two front teeth were taken out by........THE DENTIST!!!!!!

My two front teeth were taken out by the dentist this afternoon. My two upper front teeth were already wiggly and there are already two permanent teeth growing behind them. At last my trip to the dentist pushed through. Because Mommy told me that we are going to the dentist way back in March.

My ninang went with us to the clinic because my daddy was on duty. She was the one who stayed beside me inside the dentist's cubicle. Because my mommy was scared. But my mommy took this picture.

Gel anesthesia was applied on my gums. But I accidentally touched it with my tongue! Oh my that's why my tongue had no feeling for a few minutes. I cried a little also.

Look at my picture and answer this question. Which is better, with teeth or none?

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