Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dito po sa amin sa Prep-Versiglia

I am now studying at Don Bosco Makati. (I was also baptized at their church.) I am in Prep-Versiglia. Because I am just six years old, I was not allowed to be in Grade I this school year. Our teacher is Mrs. Agbayani (Her son, Coach Myk, is my coach at soccer). We Are 3 teacher's pets:Jonathan,Noel,and me. But Mrs. Agbayani is only a substitute teacher. I hope I am teacher's pet again for our real teacher, Mrs.Cuchapin. She will get back soon because she already gave birth. Our section's Teacher's enemy #1 is Lucello, Teacher's enemy #2 is Kyle,and Teacher's enemy(and mine too)#3 is my soccer teammate,Mark. I hope next year there willbe only 2 teacher's enemies. Hehehe......

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