Friday, February 19, 2010

Galileo's Birthday

Do you know who Galileo is? He is Galileo Galilei and he is a genius astronomer and physicist. He made a very powerful telescope that made him see the planets close to the Earth. Before the people believed that the Sun goes around the Earth but Galileo supported Copernicus and believed that the Earth goes around the sun. That is what we are now studying in school.

Galileo's Astronomical Birthday

Anyway, Mami and I were invited to Galileo's birthday celebration last February 13, 2010 at the NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center in the SM Mall of Asia. It was hosted by Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. The real birthday of Galileo Galilei is February 15, 1564 and he would be 446 years old. Of course, he is dead now. Hahaha!

Kinder Golf

I had a great time going around each booth. I had a flag and it is stamped in every booth that I go to. First, we went to the Kinder Golf booth. I played golf but this time with a real golf club. Because at home I only play golf using the Wii remote control. It was easier in the Kinder Golf booth.

coloring properly

I enjoyed the Global Art booth because I learned how to color properly with oil pastel. I think I will study there this summer so I can join poster making contests next school year. There was a comic strip making contest but I did not join it.

creating a tower of plastic straws at the Personi Fi booth

Then, I went to the Personi Fi booth. I made a house using plastic straw. You know the ones that we use in drinking juices and softdinks. I think it looked good.

solving math equations while creating art

I colored a picture in the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program booth. But this one was different. I had to add the numbers first so I will know what color to use. Cool huh!

Computer games at the Power Mac booth.

When we went down, Mami went in line to write my name in the Red Digital Studio booth for my free photo shoot. While waiting for my turn, I played the Dexter's Lab game at the Power Mac booth. Then I was called for my shoot. I choose to get the boxing gloves and I posed like Pacquiao hahaha!

Photo booth by Red Digital Studios

I really had a great time at Galileo's birthday celebration. I am glad that Mami and I were invited to the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program event.


See? I told you I am going back to blogging now. I did not go to school today because it's our school fair. I already went with Mami and Dadi yesterday and I used up all my chits. I will also write about it soon.

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