Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom 2010

I was able to go back to Enchanted Kingdom with Mami last Valentine's Day. We were there for the Hug-a-palooza event with other bloggers. I am lucky that I also got a free ride-all-you-can pass. Hey, wait, I'm also a blogger! Hahaha!

Enchanted Kingdom

We reached Enchanted at 3pm because we left Makati after lunch. We road the shuttle bus because Dadi has work and Ninang borrowed Mami's car because they went to a Marriage Encounter to Tagaytay.

Mami told me that we will not ride the rides where we can get wet because she brought the DSLR. We also don't have a car to leave our bags. But it's ok because I was able to ride the bump car and train all by myself.

2010-02-14 Hugapalooza LR-7

We also rode the giant ferris wheel and the Up, Up, and Away.

2010-02-14 Hugapalooza LR-12

2010-02-14 Hugapalooza LR-19

Then the Hug-a-palooza event happened at 6pm. Everyone hugged while the music was playing. We also watched fireworks.Uh oh, Mami and I don't have a nice picture hugging each other because no one will hold the camera.

2010-02-14 Hugapalooza LR-41

After the program, I went inside the Zorb and walked on water. It's like a waterball and I had so much fun.

2010-02-14 Hugapalooza LR-43

By 8pm, Ninang and Ninong were already outside Enchanted Kingdom to pick us up and we went home already. That is my short EK Valentine experience. I hope we can go back again but I want to stay for the whole day so I can try the other rides too.

2010-02-14 Hugapalooza LR-47

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