Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Three Favorite Exhibits @ The Philippine Science Scentrum

When we visited the Philippine Science Centrum, we had the chance to see all of the exhibits. All of them were very cool! But my favorite three are these exhibits:

Wonder House

The Wonder House looks normal on the outside but is slightly slanted inside. When you go to the upper part of the house, it's like the house is moving!

Finger Tingler

The Finger Tingler works when you put one finger on each brass plate and rotate the crank attached. When you do, you will feel a mild electrical current run through your body.

Laser Harp

The Laser Harp is just like an ordinary harp except it uses lasers as strings! When you put your hand on the empty space inside the harp and move your fingers, you will hear music!

Well, that's my three favorite exhibits. They announced that in June they will have almost a hundred exhibits and the ticket price will go up to a hundred pesos. If you ask me, it's worth the price! If you want to experience these three and many more, go to the Philippine Science Centrum in E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center , Barangka, Marikina City or visit their website to know more about them.

You can also view more of our photos and a short video of our tour here.

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